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30 September 2008 @ 07:04 am
Recalling an earlier poem in which 'haste propels', I ponder further:

At the entrance road to life,
haste propels
but hesitation stalls.
To be on the knife edge balance
between haste and hesitation,
third eye aware,
is to gather all the info
flesh eyes miss.
Ka-hands on the wheel, too,
higher self, guardian self,
that 'angel' is me.


Yes, there is back story!

(Door was smushed in at bottom, doesn't close right at edges. The car which hit me had its front bumper dislodged.)
But nobody got hurt!

Be safe, everyone. Drive safe!
28 September 2008 @ 08:44 pm
I found it at Live Journal, via Popegrutch:
* Grab the nearest book.
* Open the book to page 56.
* Find the fifth sentence.
* Post the text of the next two to five sentences in your journal along with these instructions.
* Don't dig for your favorite book, the cool book, or the intellectual one: pick the CLOSEST.
* Tag five other people to do the same.

The nearest (top of the pile) is a dictionary. So I went to the first book, _Reading Egyptian Art_ by Richard Wilkinson. Page 56 is all illustrations, no sentences, so I went to page 57 and following the instuctions, I got:

"Selected bulls were worshipped as representing the cosmically important Atum (the Mnevis bull of Heliopolis), Ptah (the Apis bull of Memphis), and Montu (the Buchis bull of Thebes). All of these sacred animals were represented in Egyptian art with their special identifying markings and attributes..."

Wait a minute! Wilkinson forgot about the Bull of Ombos, associated with the god Set. I got to googling, certain I'd pull up some scholarly text. After many pages devoted to references of a book by Mogg Morgan, I finally got to the scholarly text, located at Griffith Institute.

I found reference to a piece I'd discovered last week

Photo ©NCG: Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek ÆIN 726, Acquired 1890
Type of work: Stela, Limestone, H. 22 cm.
Period: New Kingdom, 18th-20th Dynasty (1550-1080 B.C.) most likely range 1305 BC.-1196 BC.

That pdf gives a description:
"Upper right part of round-topped stela, bull-headed winged Seth ‘bull of Ombos’
in barque spearing [Apophis], Dyn. XIX, in Copenhagen, Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek,
Æ.I.N. 726."

Just under the Set animal hieroglyph (center, top), we see a bull.

Feeling quite delighted, I searched the pdf for 'Seth' and found descriptions of pieces I'd already found and some new ones.

In addition to the Bull of Ombos, I found new info for
stele of Nakht and Seth-Antewy,
stele of Taqayna (Teken), and a
fragment featuring Horemheb before Seth (Setekh) of Ombos!

Not bad results for a silly little meme!

21 September 2008 @ 02:47 pm
Photo meme

Take a picture of yourself right now.
Don't change your clothes, don't fix your hair... Just take a picture.
Post that picture with NO editing.
Post these instructions with your picture.

(Found at Bandraoi:)

larger version here:

There I am with 'hat hair' (after getting home still sweaty from shopping) and a pile of books in the background. Underneath the white sheet of paper, there is Budge's two volume dictionary, Wilkinson's _Reading Egyptian Art_, Ritner's _The Mechanics of Ancient Egyptian Magical Practical_, and two more books on ancient Egypt!
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14 September 2008 @ 02:29 pm
Greetings, all...
'Home page' says the last post I made was five weeks ago?

Anyway, time for a new post. Those of you who read the regular journal have seen this already...

One neat comment I got was that the frame made it seem like mirror frame and you were looking in it and seeing Set looking back. A cool effect I hadn't anticipated!
10 August 2008 @ 10:58 am
I even did spell check on it. (I should always do that, I found lots of misteaks)


We had a great time in Williams, Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon. Tomorrow, we return to the mundane work a day world...
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01 June 2008 @ 10:10 am
When going on a trip, the easily portable sketchbook goes with!
(These were scanning grayscale, so the familiar ivory color isn't there.)

Done in hotel room night of arriving, watching "Lord of the Ants" on PBS

Inspired by visit to Neue Galeri and seeing the Klimt and Wiener Werkstatte exhibits

Sketch of Ganesh statue I bought at 'East-West' shop.
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30 June 2007 @ 11:42 am
I've finally got the trip journal and photos uploaded.
It begins here:

Follow the 'forward' button at page bottom to continue.
(Warning! Opinions about religion, art and politics expressed!) But that should come as no surprise to you!

I have also a separate page about the National Gallery of Art:

There are photos in this page not in the journal pages.
(Not so much opinions in this one, except by choice of pictures...)

But actually, I was mild overall. I did not say that the Hirschhorn Museum needs to badly find a Gallery Installation person who knows what they are doing. The museum, which some might liken in appearance to a car's air filter, is serviceable enough, but it sadly needs more real art, and that art placed to best advantage.

One photographic exhibit there was horrible. The pictures themselves appeared of random subject matter and of random quality. If that wasn't bad enough, the gallery installation person put them here, there and everywhere, near the floor, near the ceiling, in no discernable pattern or reason.

That was the worst, and it fortunately is a temporary exhibit. The rest of the art seems to rattle around those round walls. (Now the Guggenheim in NYC has a circular frame, you spiral around as you view the galleries, but it is a veritable temple to art.)

But I didn't express anything THAT strongly publicly! Instead, you will notice that there are VERY few photos from the Hirschhorn! (Mostly exterior shots...)

On the other hand, I love all the other Smithsonian museums. Their American Art Museum and the Portrait gallery holds a dear place in my heart. And I have hope that they will improve the Hirschhorn.

I really feel grateful that Julia and I were able to have this trip. We had a great time and we learned a lot.
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28 January 2007 @ 09:29 pm
Did that announcement get your attention? I've reduced the prices on the prints, to be in line with what other visual artists are charging. The original prices were determined by the web shop site's recommendation, but ten percent less:

This site is primarily used by professional photographers who photograph weddings and the like. However, a search of comparable ARTISTS out there show they don't charge quite as much.

If you look around, you'll see these are reasonable prices, and madly crave my art hanging on the walls of your home. Also, don't forget these are easily frameable, so you don't have to go and pay 100 bucks on a fancy frame to fit an odd size picture. Just any old cheapie frame from Micheals' or 'Wallys' or where ever will do.

That is end of the 'advertisement'. Now for some more good news. I have a new enhanced version of Dark Lord of Thunder! I was puzzled when the print I received was oddly dark in HUE, so I took a closer look at the file in Photoshop. Back when I created it, I didn't have that better program. I learned the red I'd used was one that gave a 'gamut' warning, meaning it would not print, and it showed a tiny square of what would print. That was a shade much darker. Which of course was what I got. So I tweaked and tweaked, and tested using the 'desaturate' to make sure Set would not be disappearing into the background:

Set is NOT a God who disappears into the background!

And now he doesn't in this picture, either!

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14 October 2006 @ 08:30 pm
I did try to post one, What happened to it?
14 October 2006 @ 08:21 pm
I'm new to 'live journal'. Oh, not to reading others' livejournals, I've been reading them for years. I'm also not new to journalling. Been doing that for years. since 1996, actually. Ten freaking years, it's hard to imagine. My current journal has been active since 1998: http://www.aztriad.com/zdietlog.html

Lots of activity at that one. Well, I'll sign off for now.


See ya round the net...

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