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22 November 2008 @ 09:49 pm
Balloons and Vampires...  
The winds were just perfect today. All the balloons rose without any trouble. I got the balloon photo gallery up:

To see more (larger size available, too), just click on this URL:


Review of vampire movie 'midnight':

The movie is a sensuous delight. It's quite popular. I heard that last night, people started lining up for the midnight showing like four or five hours early. Julia and I went to the 11:15am show, and had no wait at all.

One reviewer I heard (Lamar on the Bob&Sheri show) said, "Man, there's just no consistency, you never know what to expect from a vampire!"

And these are unique. The sun does not hurt their beautiful pale skin, it doesn't cause any discomfort at all. They DO have a reaction, however. Their skin turns oddly glowly, diamond sparkly like. And are they ever strong and fast. I'd like to leap high and fly like that...

Seriously though, it's just plain fun.

Hope you're all having happy weekends...

Edited to add link to movie review...
To hear what a middle aged man (with a good sense of humor) thought of the movie:


See Lamar's review. It's better than the 'jaded critic' review.
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