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31 October 2008 @ 10:38 pm
First Part of Process: Perception  
Tonight's piece represents a new avenue in self portraiture. I am not only expressing about the physical reality, but also my spiritual reality, where I am, and where I want to be:

Link to larger:
(Micron pen and colored pencil on 11x14 inch bristol board)

I began with an observation of my current physical body. I started with micron pen, no pencil sketches first, as this is to be more spontaneous. I just observed without reaction my face in the mirror, with its dark circles. (I always have them, but I think the lighting made them darker. Also, I have got a much needed full two day weekend, to rest up, so maybe some weariness is there.) My scarab (hieroglyph for 'Xeper', 'Willed conscious evolution'), is there, too.

After delineating the physical, I moved from the mirror to try to express the spiritual and conceptual. I colored the red eye first, to represent that in me which is of Set, and then the blue eye, to represent that in me which is of Horus. Then the two sides kept fairly to the warm=Set, cool=Horus tones. I wrote various things to show the mental process:

I am...
I could be...
I am evolving...

Grasping the fire,
holding the inner light securely,
but not too tightly,
so its rays may emanate.

I am becoming...
more adventurous.

Old doubts
are silenced
as I see

As I colored the hair strands, I wanted to give a feeling of the consciousness and 'third eye' at the forehead. The hairstrands evolved into "SIA", the Egyptian word for perception and consciousness, to further illustrate this.

I'm looking forward to how future pieces of this nature will evolve...
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livejoanlivejoan on November 2nd, 2008 01:04 am (UTC)
Oh, I know, I look like I've been sucking on lemons...

Maybe next will be better...
livejoanlivejoan on November 3rd, 2008 11:02 am (UTC)
Aftermath to this thing posted here: